Wild Lily Chapter 18 of the Eastern Star

Temporary Meeting Place
Location: 828 North Branciforte Avenue Santa Cruz C.A. 95060

Worthy Matron Ellie Bowden PM

Secretary Jean Cook PM

Associate Matron Robin Woodman

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Meetings every third Wednesday 7:30 P.M.

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Wild Lily Upcoming Events

Please see the instructions from the Grand Chapter regarding meeting protocol below.

January 5, 2022   Initiation Rehearsal 7-9 pm

January 15th, 2022 (Cancelled due to COVID-19 to be rescheduled) State Wide Initiation South-- 7 pm
Los Angeles Harbor Masonic Center
(Avalon Wunce will be initiated into Wild Lily OES Chapter 18)

January 16th, 2022
Reception for Gayle Jones
Grand Representative of Vermont 2 PM--Santa Cruz Masonic Center

January 19, 2022  New Years Happy Hour 6-7 PM & Initiation

7:30 pm Formal Dress

January 30th, 2022
 (Cancelled due to COVID-19 to be rescheduled) State-wide Initiation
North-- 1 pm
Richmond Masonic Center

February 5th, 2022 OES 101
Membership Training Workshop
10 AM - 3 PM
Santa Cruz Masonic Center RSVP required (See Flyer Attached)

February 16, 2022  Valentine's Day Happy Hour 6-7 pm

February 16, 2022 Stated Meeting 7:30 pm

Hope to Hope to see you there!

Confidence Lodge #110 

Free and Accepted Masons of California

3001 North Main Street Soquel California

(click here for directions)

Lodge meetings are held on the first Monday of every month Now meeting at 3001 North Main Street Soquel C.A. 7:30 PM 

Stated meetings for the subordinate chapters will continue as scheduled using the following guidelines:

1) Following the California Department of Public Health guidelines, KN95, N95 or blue disposable masks are to be worn. No cloth masks are to be worn unless a blue disposable mask is underneath it. Do not double up the wearing of a KN95 or N95 mask. Masks are to be worn at all times.

2) This should not go unsaid, but if you are feeling ill or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID within the last 5 days please do not attend your chapter meetings.

3) No refreshments are to be served. Prepared “Grab and Go” is ok, but unfortunately, no sitting and eating.

4) No hugging, kissing, etc. Please allow proper distance between you and others around you. Worthy Patrons, if possible, please distance yourself by a seat or so from the Worthy Matron’s seat. If your Treasurer sits right next to the Chaplain, try to distance the chairs or re seat the Treasurer to the nearby sidelines to allow proper distancing.

5) If you have an initiation planned, please proceed as usual. If you have a candidate that would prefer to reschedule to a later date and because of this it will exceed the limited time frame between balloting and initiation, please notify the Grand Secretary via email that this has occurred and what the new initiation date will be.

6) If your chapter does not have a quorum to hold a meeting, have the Secretary make note in the minute book that the meeting was not held due to lack of quorum.

7) Please do not visit other chapters during this time.